Comcast throttling workaround

comcast throttling workaround Steve Stonebraker posted this in Uncategorized on May 13th, 2012 Recently I noticed Comcast was throttling my usenet connection.


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How to connect to router settings

Connect your computer to a second LAN port on your TP-Link router using an Ethernet cable. Step 1 Step 2 Example: if the DHCP of your main router is – then you can set the IP of the TP-Link N router to Go to Network>LAN on the side menu and change the LAN IP address of your TP-Link N router to

Torrent trackers 2017

Apr 05, 2020 · What are the most-visited and working torrent sites at the start of 2020? As we do our best to continue a long-standing top 10 tradition, we see that The Pirate Bay is the favorite among

Debian user group

Step 3: Add the new user to sudoers group. To add the newly created user to sudoers group, use the usermod command as shown in the syntax below: # usermod -aG sudo username. In our case, to add user Jack to sudoers group, we will run # usermod -aG sudo jack. You can verify whether the user added to the sudo group by running the id command.

Pptp port 1723

The EdgeRouter PPTP VPN server provides access to the LAN ( for authenticated PPTP clients. CLI: Access the Command Line Interface. You can do this using the CLI button in the Web UI or by using a program such as PuTTY.

Tigervpn chromebook

Tigervpn Chromebook LLC Associates Program - an affiliate advertising program designed Tigervpn Chromebook to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or any other websites that may be Tigervpn Chromebook affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. may get compensation from Amazon if

Ping and jitter test

Jan 22, 2015 · Hit the Windows Key + R, type cmd.exe and hit enter. Type in “ping” without the quotes and hit enter. The result of the ping will display as soon as it’s done. This may take longer if you’re experiencing packet loss. Results of Your Ping Test

How to setup 2 routers on 1 network

You also add port 23 to vlan 100 and port 24 to vlan 200. Now on each interface on the router connected to each port configure one subnet. On router-1 and router-2 192,168,2.1/24. Don't forget to assign PC-1 an ip address in the range of and PC-2' HTH

Crictime live cricket streaming online

Crictime Live Cricket. India Vs Sri Lanka Live here. is one of the leading cricket website and falls in the most sought after single-sport website. We are specially founded for the purpose of enlightening and entertaining while keeping all the cricket lovers updated.

Vpn concentrator definition

Mar 04, 2019 · A VPN concentrator is a networking device specially designed to give people access to a network remotely (from anywhere in the world) through multiple VPN tunnels. How do VPN concentrators Work? A VPN concentrator a type of advanced router that is specially designed to create and manage VPN network infrastructures.