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Publishing PowerShell over SSH Using Sophos UTM’s HTML5 Sophos UTM’s HTML5 VPN Portal allows you to provide this without needing to expose the server directly to the Internet or allowing traditional VPN connections. Essentially the UTM proxies your shell session. This is great because it can natively support Telnet and SSH, and as long as you are connecting to a SSH capable system, you can easily Click to the Future – Remote Desktop Based on HTML5 The HTML5 portal with KVM-only (keyboard, video, mouse) transmission is better suited to occasional remote management sessions with external service providers for which you do not want to design full-fledged VPN access. Free Firewall and VPN. Sophos offers UTM 9.0 as a hardware appliance, virtual appliance, or software appliance for UTM Up2Date 9.314 Released - HDS

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SSL VPN & HTML5 VPN Portal Sophos - YouTube Jul 24, 2016

Sophos has released 9.6 😉 No IKEv2 support this time, but a lot of other new and great features, especially Let’s encrypt integration 🙂 It’s being rolled out in phases as usual, so to get it right away, use the download links at the bottom.

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