Dec 15, 2019 · To connect to your Apple TV without Wi-Fi using Peer-to-peer Airplay, follow the instructions below, 1. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi on your Mac or iDevice, go into Settings and click Wi-Fi. 2.

Connect an iPhone to a TV with Apple TV. While it's simple enough to connect your iPhone via an AV adapter, you have a completely wireless option as well. The easiest way: Wired HDMI The most basic PC-to-TV connection consists of running a wire from your computer to the HDMI input on your TV. If you have an older TV and an older laptop, there are Welcome to the Apple Community. No, there is no way to do that. Connect your Apple TV direct to your TV set with an HDMI cable and to your sound system with an optical audio cable.

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Is it at all possible to connect my Apple TV to my Wii? 12-04-2015 09:09 AM. Like 0. 5,823. pkcable. Q&A Team Leader VR Expert. I don't believe so. What you need is an HDMI passthrough and as far as I know only the XBox One has this. You would need 2 available HDMI ports OR some sort of HDMI splitter or hub if you don't have enough ports. The Apple TV is able to connect with Bluetooth devices using its native Bluetooth settings. If both your Apple TV and AirPods are associated with the same Apple ID however, these two devices will sync automatically. This auto sync will forego the need for any additional setup and will make it more convenient to use your AirPods with the Apple TV. 2. When this window is displayed, type the name of the app, which is Apple TV. When Apple TV shows up in the search results, go ahead and click it. 3. Apple TV app icon can now be seen in the second row on the next screen in the Apps & Games section. Navigate to the icon and click it. 4. Now, you want to click the option Get to start Connect computer to Apple TV with an HDMI Cable (And Possibly an Adapter) A standard HDMI cable is still the best way to get your PC's screen onto a TV. Getting this solution hooked up is pretty simple. Step 1. Connect your Apple TV to the HDMI. Step 2. Plug one end into an HDMI port on the back of your TV and the other into the HDMI port on

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