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Мястото, където давате свобода на вашето творческо въображение. Споделете това, което е в душата ви и с другите. OgreBot | isxGames Forums Jun 20, 2020 PostgreSQL: IRC IRC . If you have a problem that you cannot resolve, you might want to try asking a question in our IRC channel #postgresql on channel has many active users, and it is an entry into participating in the wider PostgreSQL community. Forum:IRC Server | Community Central | Fandom Kinda a method of helping even the irc newbies on Wikia to feel comfortable in the IRC Channels. There are even advantages in IRC itself to running our own IRC Server. Consider this, we currently have IRC Cloaks which are in the form nick@wikia/Username. But of course, since every channel in a Wikia IRC server will be a Wikia channel.

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