BlackBerry 10 OS; Can I still use old BB phones? 01-22-19 08:27 PM. tools. Advanced Search; Show Printable Version; 64. John Ransom1. Could I use any of the old BlackBerry phones, like the Bold or Tour as just a phone just to make calls. 01-17-19 07:25 PM. Like 0. 2,613. TrumpetTiger. Originally Posted by John Ransom1

The answers here are correct. Blackberry used their own OS, BBOS until 2012. At that point, they released Blackberry10. It was still their own OS, not android, but it DID allow you to run Android apps by using some Android code. This was just soft BlackBerry OS 7.0 smartphones - PhoneMore May 01, 2011 BlackBerry 7 OS Hands-On | PCWorld

Components used to manage BlackBerry OS devices Activating devices Data flow: Activating an Android Enterprise Work and personal - user privacy device using a managed Google Play account

Mar 20, 2013 · BlackBerry OS 10's home screen, to some extent, customizes itself: Those eight recently used apps can update their pages as new information comes in, potentially making them a little like Android

Components used to manage BlackBerry OS devices

30: Legacy Smartphone Apps & Games: Download Legacy BlackBerry Smartphone Apps & Games For OS 7 devices and older. 26: BlackBerry PlayBook Apps & Games Rail Operating System - BlackBerry QNX Pre-certified to IEC 61508 SIL 3, QNX OS for Safety is a POSIX-compliant, multicore, real-time OS (RTOS) for building safety-critical equipment. QNX OS is supported by field-proven development tools, feature-rich middleware and engineering services. BlackBerry QNX also offers a non-certified version of our embedded operating system. BlackBerry