Android browser comparison: September 2016 . It was May of this year when we did our last comparison of browsers for Android. But given the great leaps forward recently among the big-name browsers, now is a good time to revisit the subject with a faceoff between the four most popular browser apps: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera.

Aug 04, 2018 Independent workspace(s) by own extension(s) | Opera forums I wish that every workspace has it's own extension independently. I mean, I could choose which extension installed on the specific workspace(s). And if I installed the same extension in 2 workspaces, they work separately. E.g. US VPN in workspace-1 and NL VPN in workspace-2 and without VPN in workspace-3. Browser VPN: How to Choose Best VPN Chrome, Opera and May 10, 2019 Ivacy VPN: Best Chrome VPN Proxy Extension - Chrome Web Store

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