How to force users to authenticate to get IP adress from DHCP?

Configuration Example: Configuring Authenticated DHCP Jun 08, 2017 RFC 3118 - Authentication for DHCP Messages Abstract This document defines a new Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) option through which authorization tickets can be easily generated and newly attached hosts with proper authorization can be automatically configured from an authenticated DHCP server. DHCP only for Authenticated Users(AD users) Apr 06, 2011

IAP uses the OUI part of a MAC address to identify the device manufacturer and assigns a desired role for users who have completed 802.1X authentication and MAC authentication. DHCP Option and DHCP Fingerprinting. The DHCP fingerprinting feature allows you to identify the operating system of a device by looking at the options in the DHCP frame.

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides a framework for passing configuration information to hosts on a TCP/IP network. In some situations, network administrators may wish to constrain the allocation of addresses to authorized hosts. Additionally, some network administrators may wish to provide for authentication of the source and contents of DHCP messages. How to force users to authenticate to get IP adress from DHCP? Basically the switch request authentication from the computer, then contact an authentication server to validate the credentials and depending on the answer the switch will deny or allow access. There's further possible options, like placing the host in a guest vlan if not authenticated or placing the host in a specific VLAN depending of some

Enable RADIUS based DHCP; Authentication & Accounting Server (for WLAN Authentication Type: Standard usage) Authentication Server: Specifies the server used for authentication on this network. By enabling Proxy, authentication requests will flow through the controller. In a non-proxy mode, the AP will communicate directly with the

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