Prepare your environment for SCEP Certificate Enrollment

The easy way to deploy device certificates with Intune Jul 02, 2019 SCEP - PrimeKey The certificate profile used by the SCEP CA must include the key usages KeyEncipherment and DataEncipherment, otherwise PIX will not be able to verify/decrypt encrypted SCEP messages. This is not in the default certificate profile for CAs. Create a new certificate profile before creating the Scep CA, using ROOTCA as template for the new Device > Certificate Management > SCEP The simple certificate enrollment protocol (SCEP) provides a mechanism for issuing a unique certificate to endpoints, gateways, and satellite devices. Select . Device. Certificate Management. SCEP. to create an SCEP configuration. For more information on how to create a SCEP profile, refer to Deploying Certificates Using SCEP. To start a new Introducing Auto Apps, SCEP Profile, and More

Creating the SCEP profile in the Intune portal . At this point we’ve completed the installation and configuration of our NDES server and connected our on-premise environment to Intune, so now it’s time to create the SCEP profile in the Intune portal and deploy it to our target devices.

Use SCEP certificate profiles with Microsoft Intune Create a SCEP certificate profile. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.. Select and go to Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile.. Enter the following properties: Platform: Choose the platform of your devices.. Profile: Select SCEP certificate. For the Android Enterprise platform, Profile type is divided into two categories, Fully Managed, Dedicated, and Corporate

A device must support all variables specified in a certificate profile for that profile to install on that device. For example, if {{IMEI}} is used in the subject name of a SCEP profile and is assigned to a device that doesn't have an IMEI number, the profile fails to install.

Jun 29, 2016 SCEP - VMware Create a SCEP profile in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Define a certificate authority, then configure a Credentials payload alongside your EAS, Wi-Fi or VPN payload. Each of these payloads has settings for associating the certificate authority defined in the Credentials payload. Understanding MDM Certificates · MicroMDM The former is done by embedding a PKCS#12 profile payload in the enrollment profile. This will become the device’s identity certificate. The latter is done by the device by itself using the SCEP protocol to request a certificate to be signed. Using the SCEP protocol, for … Why is my SCEP profile giving me an Activation Error The activation starts but fails with a invalid SCEP profile. BES 10.1 is rather old. Did the IT department consider upgrade to 10.2.4? Do you have any other 10.3 devices activated against it? Posted via CB10