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Ports Used – GoodSync - TCP port 80 and 443: GoodSync Clients and Servers call on this port, to coordinate connections. - UDP port 33338 and 33339: used for local discovery (broadcast) of GoodSync Servers by GoodSync clients. - TCP port 22222: GoodSync Server serves its files via WebDAV protocol on this port, if enabled. How to use qperf to measure network bandwidth and latency server # qperf --listen_port 11111 server # qperf --listen_port 22222 client # qperf --listen_port 11111 -t 60 --use_bits_per_sec SERVERNAME tcp_bw client # qperf --listen_port 22222 -t 60 --use_bits_per_sec SERVERNAME tcp_bw Extend this out to more processes as needed, 4, 8, 16, etc. As you are aware, the idea is to get the entire interface up

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You can add/remove other tools & scripts in /var/www/22222/htdocs. You can disable or even delete admin tools using ee site commands. But rest assured, they are secure as you can read below! Port 22222 & Security. You can open port 22222 (5-times two) on any IP or site hosted on your server. It uses HTTPs with a self-signed certificate. SSH access - Balena Documentation For example, the following command maps the local port 4321 to port 22222 on the device: $ balena tunnel -p 22222:4321. The device can then be accessed on port 4321 via the balena ssh command of the balena CLI or standalone SSH client: $ balena ssh -p 4321 $ ssh -p 4321 root@ Troubleshooting with host OS access