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• Select the connection for which you want to configure Verisign Public DNS • Click Edit - In the window, select IPv4 Settings or IPv6 Settings tab. • In the DNS servers field, enter the Verisign Public DNS IP addresses, separated by a space: • To use Verisign Public DNS IPv4: and IPv6: 2620:74:1b::1:1 and 2620:74:1c Verisign – Wikipedie VeriSign, Inc. je americká společnost poskytující širokou paletu internetových a síťových služeb, včetně dvou ze třinácti kořenových serverů systému DNS, klíčových pro funkci Internetu.VeriSign je také správcem top-level domé a .net, operátor jedné z největších telefonních sítí v Severní Americe, a jedna z nejznámějších certifikačních autorit. Accenture acquires iDefense | Accenture

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SSL Authentication is an extension that automatically logs users into the wiki using their SSL certificate.It uses mod_ssl in Apache to fetch the DN from the client certificate and maps that to a MediaWiki user name. All users are automatically logged in, and all users are required to use certificates. What does Verisign mean?

Verisign, Inc. АҚШ-та Рестон қаласы Виргиния штатында орналасқан желілер инфрақұрылымын құру қызмет түрімен айналысатын бірлестік. Екі Internet-тің он үш root nameserver-ін, .com, .net, және .name-ге арналған авторитативті тіркелу және

ベリサイン(Verisign, Inc.)は、アメリカのバージニア州 レストンにあるインターネット インフラに特化した企業である。. 具体的にはインターネット上に13個あるルートネームサーバのうちの2個 (A・J)、gTLDの.comと.net、北米におけるNo.7共通線信号方式による公衆交換電話網、EPCglobalにおけるRFID Verisign digital signature | signNow Verisign digital signature is among the capabilities that can help. Utilizing the web-based application today is a necessity, not much of a competing benefit. Try it now! Thousands of companies love signNow. Get legally binding signatures now! Start free trial Request a call. Dr. Burt Kaliski Jr. - Chief Technology Officer - Verisign