By using AWS Mobile Services, Android developers can quickly and easily spin up and deploy an entire back-end system for supporting their mobile application while employing modern architecture patterns that are cost efficient, scale quickly, and provide essential and innovative services and functionality to delight and retain end users while growing the user base via sophisticated analytics

An Android service is a component that is designed to do some work without a user interface. A service might download a file, play music, or apply a filter to an image. Services can also be used for interprocess communication (IPC) between Android applications. Google Play services - Apps on Google Play Jul 15, 2020 Android Service - Stack Overflow

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A Bird's Eye View of Android System Services - LINUX For You In an Android phone, this list of services can be viewed by issuing the command service list through the adb shell. System services start-up After boot-up, the Linux kernel starts the init process, which is the grand-daddy of all processes in the system, with a PID = 1. Android 10 Privacy adds Device Personalization Services

Jul 18, 2016

A Service is an application component that can perform long-running operations in the background and does not provide a user interface. I have read this thread Application threads vs Service threads that saying same services are for running operation in background. … Services in Android - Part 1 - YouTube Jul 18, 2016 Service vs IntentService in Android - MindOrks