Microsoft Windows Radius server (NPS): Configure and NPS is one of most widely used Radius servers out there and no network is secure without the use of Radius. You have a chance to learn how to Configure, Manage and Troubleshoot Radius on NPS, right here !. This course is the first of it's kind on Udemy or on any other learning platform out there.. Most lectures are 5 - 12 minutes long, with almost no lecture being over 20 minutes in length. Getting Started - FreeRADIUS The client should also be configured to talk to the RADIUS server, by using the IP address of the machine running the RADIUS server. The client must use the same secret as configured above in the client section. Then restart the server in debugging mode, and run a simple test using the testing user. You should see an Access-Accept in the server

RADIUS Server Software with Active Directory

Tutorial - Radius Server Installation on Windows Open the Server Manager application. Access the Manage menu and click on Add roles and features. Access the Server roles screen, select the Network Policy and Access Service option.

FreeRADIUS is developed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2), and is free for download and use. Commercial support is available from NetworkRADIUS.

IEA Software is a worldwide leader in high performance RADIUS servers. From RadiusNT, the first RADIUS server for the Windows platform to RadiusX for the SPARC Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux platforms. RadiusNT/X offers a unique fault tolerant database centric approach to RADIUS/AAA where all aspects of the servers operation are managed from the Testing and Monitoring Tools for RADIUS Servers Aug 23, 2012