An extremely annoying question that has (unfortunately) replaced "Hello" or "Hi" as the most popular form of casual greeting. For full effect, best delivered while walking past someone at about 90 m.p.h. so the person you're talking to has no time to respond, and in a tone that suggests you really don't give a shit about "what's up" with them.

Wat's That! Oct 08, 2013 Videos | What's Up - November 2018 Nov 01, 2018 What’s Up With the Funny-Looking Moons in ‘Onward’? | WIRED What’s Up With the Funny-Looking Moons in Onward? Yes, I know this is a fantasy movie. That shouldn’t stop us from thinking about the real causes of lunar phases.

A term that cool people use because they are too damn lazy to say What's up. (Too much effort involved there man.)

What's Up - Free download and software reviews - CNET What's Up? is a software program for personal organization and contact management, used for managing contacts (personal & business), birthdays, anniversaries, parties, greeting cards, to do lists What's Up? Media - Annapolis Magazine | Eastern Shore

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