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Apr 06, 2011 How to Hardwire Your Playstation 3 with Ethernet Cables Jul 08, 2007 How to connect a PlayStation 3 - Shaw Support Connect an Ethernet cable to the back of your PlayStation 3 system with the other end connected to your router or Shaw wireless modem. If you are planning to use your PlayStation 3 with a wireless network, you can skip this step. Lastly, connect the power cable to the back of your PlayStation 3 system and into an available power outlet.

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A Sony gaming consul is known as the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3 for short). This device is used to play video games, run DVDs and serve as a media center. Connecting a PS3 to a television, alongside a cable box, makes it easier to switch between cable television and the PS3 without having to disconnect and reconnect any cables.

1. Start Playstation 2. Scroll left to the 'Network Settings' (2nd to last option) 3. Scroll down to 'Internet Connection Settings' When you select this is will ask you Yes or No, say Yes 4. Select 'Easy' 4-B. Playstation will configure your Network Settings 5. Select 'Wireless' 6. Select 'Scan' 6-B. Playstation will search for available

Dec 11, 2010 · Your Playstation 3 has the ability to connect to your home network through a standard Ethernet connection or through WiFI. Make your Playstation 3 a part of your home media network with the help of If the Ethernet cable is connected, the PlayStation 3 system will automatically attempt to connect to the Internet via a wired connection. Access the XMB Menu and choose [ Settings] > [ Network Settings]. Choose [Internet Connection] > [Enabled]. Scroll down and select [Internet Connection Settings].