If your music is already on Pandora’s standard radio service, but you’d like CD Baby to make sure your songs are included in Pandora Plus (which gives users more options such as ad-free, offline listening, song replay, additional skips, and more), you’ll just have to make sure you’re opted in for distribution to streaming services

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Pandora – The online streaming radio giant continues to grow, gaining new users in all genres and allowing any indie musician with a physical CD available on Amazon to be in their rotation. Not to mention their iPhone app that is still the most popular music app. Learn how to get your music on Pandora.

How Pandora Royalties Really Work: A Complete Guide Since Pandora has both a non-interactive radio component AND an interactive streaming offering, a single play on Pandora can generate many different kinds of royalties, and the path to collecting those royalties differs depending on how Pandora added your music to their catalog. Understandably, the flow of royalties from the popular streaming How to Delete Stations You No Longer Listen to on Pandora With such a vast selection of music genres available, it's easy to build up a massive list of stations in Pandora that can make your go-to playlists harder to find. Fortunately, the app lets you easily remove unwanted stations to streamline your experience and listen to your favorite tunes in … How to Get Your Music on Pandora Internet Radio – StudioPros Pandora’s team will listen to your submission and learn more about you as an artist before they decide whether or not you get to have your songs side by side with Michael Jackson. And although they claim to thrive on unknowns and up-and-comers, you can imagine that competition among independent artists can … Pandora doubles down on voice with interactive ads