Hover your mouse over the "Safety" heading and click "Delete browsing history." Entering the shortcut "Ctrl-Shift-Delete" also opens this menu directly from anywhere in Internet Explorer. Step 3 …

May 19, 2019 Delete browsing history from drop down bar - Microsoft Oct 18, 2010 How to Permanently Erase Browsing History from Hard Drive How to Permanently Delete Browsing History from Hard Drive. Web browsers have made it easy to clean your browsing history. However, the problem with browsers is that they only delete—not erase—your browsing data and hence the data can be easily recovered. This means that your web browsing history containing sensitive information such as

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How to Delete a Web Address From the History | Your Business Right-click an address folder or individual Web page. Select "Delete" to delete the entry. How do i delete all browsing history? Mar 10, 2011

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