HTTPS is built to secure connection every where people access a secured website; but there is always a risk of using HTTPS over public WiFi networks, as public wifi networks are sometimes being trapped by MITM (Man In-The Middle Attack). POODLE Vu

6 Security Tips If You Really Need to Use Public Wi-Fi on Things to Never Do on a Public Wi-Fi. Firstly, if the only option you have is an unprotected public Wi … How to Protect Your Privacy on Public Wi-Fi Networks Aug 12, 2019

Use your best judgment if you must access these accounts on public Wi-Fi. Don't leave your laptop, tablet, or smartphone unattended in a public place. Even if you’re working on a secure Wi-Fi network, that won’t stop someone from taking your property or sneaking a peek at your device. Don't shop online when using public Wi-Fi. Sure

Aug 12, 2019

Secure Your Public WiFi Access - Cyber Security Tip of the Day

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